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Objects and routes of interest

In the Meteliai Regional Park you will find equipped resorts, campsites, rest places near Lakes Dusia and Metelys, homesteads of rural tourism. Amateur fishing is allowed in all lakes, horses are available for rent. There are three cognitive pedestrian paths built in the park: one of them is near the management of the Meteliai Regional Park, another is near the Prelomciškė mound, and the third – in the Trakas forest. You can get acquainted with the unique nature of the region. If you choose to ride bikes on their special routes you will find many objects of the cultural heritage of the Meteliai Regional Park. In spring and autumn, when migration of birds starts, we invite you to visit friends of the birds: lakes of the park is the place where thousands of migrating birds meet.

The Dusia Cycle Route
The route leads around Lake Dusia. Two variants of the trip are available: the long one – 34 km and the short one – 24 km. A big part of the road is asphalted, however, the traffic is not heavy, therefore, it is fully suitable for riding bikes.

The Metelys Cycle Route
The length of the route offered to people in the park territory is 24.1 km. Part of the roads are asphalted, however, bigger part of them are gravel roads and forests paths. The route is slightly hilly, though uphills are not steep, the traffic is light. The route is meant for one-day trip by bikes.

Statiškės sukilėlių laidojimo vieta  Statiškės laukas

Pedestrian cognitive path through the Bijotai-Širvintas forests
We invite you to have a trip by a pedestrian cognitive path between Lakes Dusia and Metelys. Here is the narrowest part of the sandy land between the great lakes. It is shorter than a kilometre. You will find here an entire variety of natural complexes that has formed on benches of the three lakes. On the highest bench you will definitely notice ranges of hillocks covered with a pinewood and drifted as if sand dunes, dying little lakes and swamps that appeared in their places. On the lakeshores of the Dusia you will have a possibility to watch flocks of water birds and to enjoy the panorama of the biggest lake of Dzūkija region. Path of the nature that leads through the ridges of sand hillocks via a pinewood of the Bijotai forest, little swamps and the Dusia lakeside is 3.3 km long. Those who wish to know the natural sights of semi-inartificial meadows and leafy forests they should find an additional part of the Širvintas forest. If you go there the total length of the route will be 4.1 km.


Pedestrian cognitive path through the Prelomciškė hills
We invite you to travel through impressive hills of Padusys, to enjoy inimitable nature of hill chains, to watch the most beautiful natural sights that open to Lake Dusia; to feel the cultural heritage of the ancient Yotvingians – the Prelomciškė mound. The path is 3.2 km long.


Pedestrian cognitive path in the Trakas forest
Any visit to a forest, like the one to any other sight of nature, will be much more interesting, when we become familiar with trees, grass plants, mushrooms, animals, and when we learn to respect nature. At the beginning of the Trakas pedestrian cognitive path there is an information stand, an arbour, and a parking lot. The path is marked; there are information boards as well as a little bridge over the swamp.






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