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The picturesqueness of the landscape of the Meteliai Regional Park is determined more by natural rather than by cultural values. From the highlands of acculturated landscape visitors do enjoy great views to the stretches of lakes Dusia, Metelys, and Obelija, which are surrounded by green forests. Traditions of building-up rarefied grange and valakas settlements were observed in four settlements of ancient villages (Obelninkai, Žagariai, Papėčiai, and Barčiai) as well as in Meteliai village (Valakas – land measuring unit = about 21 ha). From the point of landscape, urbanistics, architecture, and ethnography the most valuable is Obelninkai settlement.

Atlaidai Kryžiuose 1936 m.  Giraitės piliakalnis žiemą

From the cultural point of view the most significant is a sacral ensemble in the park territory – Meteliai Christ’s Transfiguration church with 2 belfries, a fence and gates. There are several memorial places in the park that have cultural value: Teizai and Barčiai old graveyard; 8 closed cemeteries of villages or of heroes of historical events; 2 sites of battles; 1 sacral place, and 1 mythological object. There are more than 60 wooden and iron crosses in the park territory. Half of them are of historical, architectural, artistic as well as ethnographical importance. There are 8 mounds and 10 settlements of Stone Age in the park.





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